Directions to College Park Office

Below are directions to the College Park office. We are located above a commercial building and our parking is on a side street, so please follow these directions.

Office Address

Sierra Club Maryland Chapter Office
7338 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 102
College Park, MD 20740

Located just off Route 1 (Baltimore Ave), south of the University of Maryland Campus in the upper part of the College Park Shopping Center above Starbucks & Chipotles.

By Car:

  1. Take the 495 Beltway to the College Park Route 1 exit.
  2. Go South on Route 1. Pass the campus on your right.
  3. After southern-most entrance (College Avenue), make right at next light (Knox Rd) into the College Park shopping center where there is a drug store, bike shop, restaurants, etc.
  4. Park behind or at the shopping center.
  5. Sierra Club office is in offices above the shops on same level as back parking lot.
  6. Bring quarters.

By Metro:

Take Green Line to College Park Metro Station, then walk or take the bus:

BUS: East Metro exit, facing Paint Branch Parkway. Take #83 bus marked "Rhode Island" for 6-minute bus ride to Baltimore Avenue (Route 1) & Hartwick road. Buses run every 30 minutes at 25 and 55 after the hour till 9:25 pm. There are also UMCP shuttle buses running every 15 minutes up to the Campus that are free.

WALK (10 minutes): West Metro exit, the community side (not the huge parking lot side). Walk 1 block up Calvert Road, take first right on Dartmouth, then first left on Knox Road. Go 6 (short) blocks. Cross Route 1 to the Shopping Center. Take stairwell beside Chipotles & Starbucks up to 2nd level.