2014 Nominees for Catoctin Group

The Catoctin Group encompasses Carroll, Frederick, and Washington Counties. You will vote for up to seven candidates.

Dan Andrews
Dan Andrews is currently the chairman of the Catoctin Group -- Sierra Club and also serves on the board of directors of Sustainable Living Maryland, Waste Not Carroll/Green Business Network, the Carroll County Forestry Conservation Board and his local community association. For eight years, he, and many others, have studied solid waste issues in central Maryland, especially centered around opposition to a proposed 1,500 tons per day incinerator there. He assists with zero-waste coordination at two major social events and helps teach classes in near zero-waste living. He tries to live a simplified life and takes pleasure helping teach others to do the same.

~ Amy Andrews, secretary
~ Laurie Wilmot, politics/energy
~ Anthony Iacovelli, treasurer/health
~ Carolyn Puckett, Invasive Species and native flora/fauna
~ Lew Sherman, Conservation Chair