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President Obama Needs Your Help
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by Betsy Johnson | 2012

On April 18, the Sierra Club, Environment America, League of Conservation Voters and Clean Water Action put out a press release endorsing President Obama.

President Obama Needs Your Help


By Betsy Johnson—On April 18, the Sierra Club, Environment America, League of Conservation Voters and Clean Water Action put out a press release endorsing President Obama. Subsequently Michael Brune, Sierra Club Executive Director, sent the following email to Sierra Club members.


Can you imagine what will happen if President Obama loses reelection . . . if polluters like big oil and coal companies buy their way into the White House and majorities in Congress? 

Four years ago, we worked hard together to elect Barack Obama—we knocked on doors, made phone calls, and spoke with our neighbors—all for a cleaner, healthier future.


We’re endorsing President Obama for reelectionwe’ve made too much progress over the past four years to give it all back to Big Polluters . . .


. . . Make no mistake: your participation in this election is vital. We’ve accomplished a lot over the past four years:

·         800,000 of us called on the EPA to limit toxic mercury pollution from coal plants for the first time ever and President Obama acted. 

·         We mobilized to move our country Beyond Oil and the President listened, implementing the toughest fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks in history. 

·         We rallied to defend our wild lands and the President protected a million acres around the Grand Canyon from uranium mining. 

·         We demanded independence from dirty energy to create new jobs and a healthier future and our President responded, making landmark investments in clean energy.


This election will be a knockdown, drag-out fight, as big polluters and their political allies are spending unprecedented millions to defeat President Obama and roll back the progress we’ve made. 


If the polluters win, we’ll have a president who eviscerates the EPA, who is in denial about climate change, and whose primary concern is working hand in glove with cronies in Congress to protect coal and oil profits, no matter what the cost to our communities . . .


. . . This election is about more than one candidate’s career—it’s about the future for all of us. What we’ve achieved is only the beginning. We need you to stand with us to help reelect President Obama and lead his next administration toward a clean energy future.

Obama was elected to office accompanied by extremely high expectations from the electorate. Every interest group that felt left out by the Bush administration’s pro-corporate agenda expected Obama to leap tall buildings in a single bound in support of their agenda. No president could live up to those expectations and, indeed, Obama’s performance on the environment disappointed many of us. But despite these disappointments, Obama made some significant advances, as Michael Brune details in his email. And, there’s no doubt that the alternative would be disastrous not just for the environment. I fear this would be a very different country if Romney were elected along with a Republican Congress for four years.

I am working every week phone banking for the Obama campaign in Bethesda. We desperately need more volunteers. I am asking you to step up and give whatever time you have available to this important election. If you would be willing to volunteer please call me at 301-656-4948. Time is running out.        

Betsy Johnson is the immediate past chair of the Maryland Chapter Political Committee and now serves as vice chair.


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