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Donna Edwards Receives 2007 Conservationist of the Year Award

by Bonnie Bick and Betsy Johnson
Environmentalist Donna Edwards is the Maryland Chapter’s Conservationist of the Year, and a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives.

It’s Time to Vote for Our Chapter Excom, Statements from Excom Candidates

Six candidates seek your vote in our annual election for Maryland Chapter Excom.

Anti-Environment Republicans Target Gilchrest in Maryland Primary

by Lisa M. Mayo
Perhaps the most competitive Maryland primary race in 2008 will be the Republican contest for the state’s 1st Congressional District for the U.S. Congress, as Charlie Gilchrest battles anti-environmental opponents in the Republican primary

Anti-Incineration Campaign Underway in Carroll and Frederick Counties

by Kim Stenley
Fuel for an incinerator, or a valuable resource? The campaign in support of recycling over incineration is ongoing in Carroll and Frederick Counties.

When to Turn Off Personal Computers

Save money and energy by turning of your personal computers when they are idle.

Group News Roundup

by Mary C. Corddry
Across the state, chapter groups think globally, work locally.

Jamboree 2007: A Great Sense of Community

by Janis K. Oppelt
Jamboree kindles the spirit of community and productivity in defense of the environment.

Is Your Christmas Tree Invasive?

by Annie Collier Rehill
The trees at the center of many holiday festivities have a venerable history, but what of the environmental impact of Christmas-tree farming?

Conservation and Outings

by Dan Soeder
Lead others to love and treasure your favorite places! Become an outings leader

Letter to the Editor

by Kathleen Bartolomeo
Paper, plastic, or neither?


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