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Summer 2007

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“Change of Climate” Brings Legislative Success

by Jan Graham
The legislature in Annapolis delivers some good news to Marylanders; other bills await action next year.

Well-Managed Watersheds Key to Restoring Bay

The forests of a watershed such as Mattawoman protect the water and the climate by sequestering greenhouse gases.

Public Financing for General Assembly Campaigns

by Cliff Terry
Bill for public financing of General Assembly campaigns fails by one vote in Maryland Senate.

Community Sustains Effort to Halt Unwanted Development

by Imani Kazana
Citizens of Prince Georges County continue to fight Washington Gas’s plan to put a liquid natural gas storage facility in residential community.

The ICC: Inter-County Connector and Impeller of Climate Change

by Greg Smith
The ICC won’t be just a scourge on the local environment; it’ll be a contributor to the greenhouse gases that scourge the planet. Tell Governor O’Malley to quash it now!

Board of Public Works Approves Major Land Purchase Near Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge

by Lisa M. Mayo
Treasured refuge to be buffered by lands purchased by the state.

Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant Expansion Expands Risk

Building a third reactor at Calvert Cliffs would be expensive, threaten public health, and damage the environment

Responding to Climate Crisis – Act Locally

by Frank Fox

Dare To Deal With Population Growth

by Cliff Terry
Promoting smart growth won’t save us from sprawl and other environmental losses unless we curb population growth.

Group News Roundup

by Mary C. Corddry
From air quality to zoning, Maryland groups address environmental issues close to home

Maryland Lawn Grasses, Nonnative and Ubiquitous, or “Paulie, You Broke My Heart”

by Betty Brody
A lovely green lawn doesn’t have to come at the expense of fertilizers, pesticides, or hours of gas-fueled mowing.

Lighting and Mercury: Facts Support Choice of CFLs

by Richard Reis, P.E
“Back-of-the-envelope” calculations address the question of environmental and cost tradeoffs in using lamps that contain mercury versus using less efficient conventional lamps

Invasive Species Removal Outings

by Mark Imlay
Environmental groups offer opportunities for habitat restoration all over the state

The California Seller of Travel Law

by Daniel J. Soeder
Changes in California law create some new requirements for our group outings leaders

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One task or many, a challenge or a cakewalk, you can find the right volunteer opportunity in the Sierra Club.


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