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Chesapeake Spring 2007

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Downsizing Begins at National Wildlife Refuges

by Lisa M. Mayo
Maryland refuges are at risk as the Bush administration forces cuts in staff, public use, and wildlife protection.

Legislative Session Opens; Environmental Legislation Gets Governor’s Support

by Jan Graham
Governor embraces an environmental agenda as legislators return to Annapolis.

Yeas and Nays for Pending Legislation

by Betsy Johnson
Bills to like and bills to spike are being introduced in the Assembly.

Governor Commits to the Environment in State of the State Address

by Bills to like and bills to spike are being introduced in the Assembly.

The Governor and the ICC

Governor O’Malley continues to support the destructive, overpriced ICC. Here’s what you can do to encourage him to rethink the transportation policy in Maryland.

Public Funding for General Assembly Campaigns: This Is the Year!

by Cliff Terry
Public financing of campaigns could end lawmakers’ dependence on polluters’ campaign cash

Corn-Based Plastic Bottles Threaten Recycling Efforts

Bottles that could be composted would disrupt the cycle that reclaims bottles for recycling and reuse.

Paving Paradise, Killing Fish

Impervious Surfaces Impair Watersheds.

Highway Exhaust Impairs Kids’ Lungs

Study finds that exhaust from highways can inflict permanent damage on children’s lungs..

Step It Up!—and Help Fight Global Warming on the National Day of Climate Action.

by Bill McKibben
A Letter of Invitation from Writer and Environmentalist Bill McKibben

Speaking of Mountains

by Kim Stenley
Magazines, books, and a personal journey introduce mountaintop removal mining, a practice of widespread devastation, and the local heroes who are fighting it.

DNR Historian Robert F. Bailey Describes a Century in Maryland’s Forests and Parks

by Barbara Garner
A Forest Service historian tells the history of our state forests and parks

Group News Roundup

by Edited by Mary C. Corddry
Sierrans tackle environmental projects and policies across the state

A National Perspective on SC Outings

by Dan Soeder
Outings are a big part of the Sierra Club’s appeal, and safety is a paramount concern.

National SC Board of Directors Election

Support our democratic traditions by voting for the Sierra Club Board of Directors

Letter to the Editor

by Neil Williamson
A member reflects on his Appalachian heritage, and mountaintop removal mining


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