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Re: Lasting Impressions

Thank you, Md. Chapter, for printing Betsy Reeder's Lasting Impressions article in the Winter '06-'07 edition. I am a decendant of Appalachian economic migrants. There are hundreds of thousands of us scattered around the country, maybe millions. My family vacationed, like Betsy, to the West Va. State parks, in the 1950's, taking our grandparents back to the mountains they loved. But I am glad they died before having to witness mountain-top removal coal mining.

My request to the Maryland Chapter leadership: Please publish in Chesapeake our fellow organizations' websites that are struggling to stop this destruction.  At, visitors can see several excellent videos, including Mary Ann Hitt of Appalachian Voices, and Maria Gunnoe, a mom-turned-activist who has lost her home to king coal.  This site also links to other great groups- the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, Coal River Mountain Watch, and others. Thanks.

Neil Williamson



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