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The Maryland Chapter Offers Exciting Opportunities to Students for Summer or School Year Projects

Wondering what you can do to build your skills, get school credit, and help the Maryland Chapter Sierra Club at the same time?  As a volunteer or intern, you can: manage an office, do web design, advocate for the environment, report environmental news, or get involved in politics, marketing, outdoor education, advertising and research. The club office is conveniently located on Route 1 near the University of Maryland campus in College Park. The list below tells more about how you can put your skills to work for a greener earth.

Assistant Office Manager

 Help the Sierra Club Maryland Chapter Coordinator run the office and coordinate volunteers to support educational outreach, campaigns, and training programs.

Activist Communication System

Use phone, e-mail, and web postings to establish and manage the activist communication system. The system works to influence legislators to vote to protect the environment and consumer welfare. It also promotes club member participation in activities.

Community Organizer

Empower and educate a community to effect positive changes for the environment and quality of life.

Cool Cities Campaign

Be a part of the Sierra Club’s Cool Cities Campaign. You can educate and recruit Sierra Club members, the public and local cities to participate in the campaign. Cool Cities will help change our energy using habits and make choices to reduce global warming gas emissions.

Invasive Plant Removal Project Coordinator

Invasive plant species are one of the biggest threats to biodiversity on the planet. Sierra Club works with statewide invasive plant removal project leaders to stop the invasions. Your role: coordinate and promote participation at invasive plant removal sites, work with site leaders, get information on requirements and hazards to volunteers, coordinate carpools, and distribute education sheets to participants.

Invasive Plant Removal School Site Organizer

Participation in invasive plant removal projects is a great way for students to learn about the natural environment. School site organizers are needed to coordinate and participate in invasive plant removal field trips for elementary, middle or high school classes in Prince George’s County schools.


Create a new section of advertisements for the Chesapeake Newsletter to help offset printing costs. Set up new distribution locations.

MD General Assembly Legislation

Influence, track and analyze legislation, attend hearings, prepare alerts, distribute fact sheets to legislators and the public, write and deliver testimony to legislative committees, and arrange constituent meetings with legislators. Generate support for pro-environmental bills through phone calls to Sierrans and letters to the editor. Write updates for the Maryland Conservation Council Report and the Maryland Sierra Club website. This internship may require access to a car.


Update contact information, databases, and fax files to improve the Sierra Club Maryland Chapter’s press outreach systems. Support campaigns with media releases and public service announcements. Collect media coverage of local Sierra Club activities.



Assist Outings Chair in promoting Sierra Club Outings Program. Collect write-ups from outings leaders for website and newsletter. Go on Sierra Club outings and distribute conservation materials. You can train to become a Sierra Club outings leader and co-lead two outings.


Work with the Sierra Club Maryland Chapter political committee to elect candidates to office who will protect the environment. Tasks may include researching and producing candidate scorecards and green voter guides, distributing and evaluating candidate questionnaires, organizing candidates forums and creating and distributing campaign materials to support candidates.


Generate and solicit materials, design and manage printing and mailing of local group newsletters. Assist a chapter newsletter editor and editing team with production. Create brochures, leaflets, and flyers to promote campaigns or to inform the general public about the Maryland Sierra Club and its goals.


Help design and improve web pages for the chapter or for one of the nine local groups:

Sprawl and Smart Growth

Help the public learn about sprawl development versus smart growth, land use and transportation planning, and the Metro Purple Line concept, in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.


True Cost of Food Campaign

Learn about, participate in, and promote the Sierra Club’s True Cost of Food Campaign. Educate and recruit Sierra Club members and the public to change their eating and food-buying habits.


To Arrange Credit

It is a great time to intern with the Sierra Club. We have internships during the summer as well as in the fall and winter. Students can arrange to receive school credit by contacting a professor to sponsor them in a department suitable to the internship. An agreement is arranged between the student, professor, and the Sierra Club as to what the internship will consist of. This may include a certain number of hours, a task or set of tasks, a journal or paper to be written, or completion of some other product, and a schedule of meetings with the Sierra Club person directing your internship. Generally one credit is equivalent to 45 hours, two credit hours to 90 hours, three credits to 135 hours, etc. Internships may be somewhat tailored to specific situations and individual needs. 


For more information, contact Laurel Imlay at 310-277-7111 or e-mail 




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