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Maryland Legislative Session 2006

Victory Over the Veto!

by Amie Kasakitis | 13, 2006
The Maryland General Assembly Overrides Governor Ehrlich's Veto of the Fair Share Health Care Fund Act (SB 790)

Top 10 Things You Can do During This Legislative Session

by Amie Kasakitis | 13, 2006
Find out what you can do to help the Sierra Club these next few months!

12th Annual Environmental Legislative Summit

by Amie Kasakitis | 3, 2006
Bringing together elected officials and community leaders from across the State to outline the important environmental legislative priorities for the 2006 Maryland General Assembly. Hear guest speakers, find out the key environmental issues and how you can make a difference.

Letter to Maryland Delegates and Senators Regarding SB 790

by Betsy Johnson | 10, 2006
This is the letter that was hand delivered to all of the Maryland Delegates and Senators regarding the Fair Share Health Care Fund Act (SB 790). This is a copy of the letter sent to the Delegates.

Sierra Club Urges Override of Fair Share Health Care Act Veto

by David Prosten | 10, 2006
This is a copy of the press release sent to the state and local media on January 5, 2006.

Legislative Issue: Protecting Maryland's Forests and Wildlife

by Bob DeGroot | 12, 2006
Forests and Wildlife is one of the Maryland Chapter's Legislative issues for the 2006 session. Please click the link below to read more about this important issue and how you can help.

Legislative Issue: The Healthy Air Act

17, 2006
Learn about how the CCE wants to clean up our air, reduce Maryland's contribution to global warming, and reduce smog and soot with the Healthy Air Act.

Legislative Issue: Reducing Mercury Pollution

18, 2006
Mercury is harmful not only to the environment but to people as well. Therefore, reducing the sources of mercury in order to reduce its negative impact has become part of the CCE campaign this session. Please read the article below to find out more!

Legislative Issue: Stormwater Permit Compliance

18, 2006
Protecting the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland's streams and rivers is always a priority for the CCE, and this session one of the areas we are targeting is stormwater which carries pollutants, sediments, and excess nutrients into our waters.

Legislative Issue: A New Energy Future

18, 2006
Learn about how the CCE is fighting to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption in Maryland.

Legislative Issue: Citizensí Right to Their Day in Court†

In Maryland private citizens and their community organizations lack the right to appeal to the courts. Read about how the CCE is fighting for our right to stand in court.


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