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Legislative Issue: A New Energy Future
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18, 2006

Learn about how the CCE is fighting to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption in Maryland.

    Home heating costs are skyrocketing, natural gas prices are spiking wildly, and gasoline prices have risen out of control.  Everyone is looking for ways to ease the energy crisis and bring down prices, but short-term price controls and regulations will not solve this problem.  The current situation is the result of old energy policies that rely on unstable, unsafe power.  To truly solve this problem Maryland must invest in a new energy future.  That future starts with increased energy efficiency and more investment in solar energy.

    Reduce Energy Consumption

    A new energy future starts at home.  Maryland can encourage individual action by offering a tax holiday on energy efficient products. Maryland must also lead by example and renew its commitment to reduce energy consumption in all state government buildings by 10 percent. Every kilowatt of energy saved means less air pollution and greater fiscal savings to the taxpayers from lower government energy bills.

    Increase Incentives for Solar Energy

    Maryland must make a serious investment in solar energy.  By creating a dedicated funding source and raising the level of grants available in the Solar Grant Fund, Maryland will help spur the market for solar energy products.  In addition, Maryland’s ‘‘net-metering” law must be changed to allow consumers who use solar energy to receive just compensation from their utility providers for the energy they produce. 

    Maryland must start building a new energy future now that is based on energy efficiency and renewable energy such as solar power.  That is the right response, the long-term response, and the smart response to this crisis. 

For more information:

Jennifer Bevan-Dangel, MaryPIRG, 410-467-0439,

Gary Skulnick, Clean Energy Partnership, 240-514-0189, 

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