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Legislative Issue: Protecting Maryland's Forests and Wildlife
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by Bob DeGroot | 12, 2006

Forests and Wildlife is one of the Maryland Chapter's Legislative issues for the 2006 session. Please click the link below to read more about this important issue and how you can help.


Protecting Maryland’s Forests and Wildlife 


We have almost no "old growth" forests left in Maryland.  Nearly 700 acres of old growth forest has been rediscovered in Western Maryland.  At least 500 acres of this old growth is within the Potomac/Garrett State Forest.  We will try to permanently protect this precious forest as a Wildland.  Please help us by supporting the Crabtree Creek Wildlands bill. 

A second bill is designed to protect a Wildland area in the Green Ridge State Forest in Western Maryland. The existing Wildland areas in this forest are small and highly fragmented.  We will try to create in steps an unbroken protected forested area in this part of the state for us and our children to enjoy.  Please help us by supporting the Green Ridge State Forest Wildlands Bill. 

Support HB 10 Natural Resources - State Wildlands - Crabtree Creek Wildland

Crabtree Creek slopes contain the largest tract of old-growth forest still remaining in Maryland.  It is an area where people can view and enjoy an extensive woodland ecosystem that has remained relatively undisturbed from commercial logging activity throughout its history.  The land proposed for legislative protection covers more than 500 acres, and will connect the Crabtree old growth forest habitat to a much larger Wildland complex on Big Savage Mountain.   

This bill permanently safeguards Crabtree’s wild and unique forest habitat characteristics.  By designating it as a Wildland, it will be protected from logging, motorized vehicles, and construction of new roads or buildings.  Recreational activities such as hiking, canoeing, kayaking, hunting, and rafting are still permitted in a Wildland.   When designated, Crabtree Creek will become the first Wildland for the Potomac/Garrett State Forest. 

Support HB 9 Natural Resources - State Wildlands - Green Ridge State Forest

Large unbroken areas of forests of 50,000 acres or more have been recommended by scientists to provide preservation of forest biological processes, and to enhance habitat for wildlife.  Environmental organizations are working to provide forested wildlife corridors from Florida up through Pennsylvania along the Appalachian Mountains.  Science tells us that only by designing large bioregions can we ever hope to return balance to the animal kingdom.  A large un-logged forest preserve in the Green Ridge State Forest will provide habitat for all species of plants and animals, and a connected wildlife corridor from Virginia to Pennsylvania through Maryland. 

For more information, go to the website under Photo Gallery or e-mail

Bob DeGroot at or Dan Boone at   

Organizations Supporting the Forest Bills

Represents more than 200,000 in Maryland

  •  Anacostia Watershed Society

  •  Audubon Naturalist Society

  •  Humane Society of the US

  •  MAGIC

  •  Maryland Native Plant Society

  •  Green Democrats

  •  National Park Trust

  •  Sierra Club of Maryland

  •  Wildlife Land Trust

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