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How Much Would the ICC Cost Your Community
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by Chris Carney | 2005

You’ve seen the headlines, you’ve read about the controversy. At $3 billion, an Intercounty Connector (ICC) would wreak havoc on the local environment in Montgomery County, and shift economic development away from Prince George’s County. But what about the impacts on Maryland communities away from the Washington area? You get to pick up the check.

The truth is, an ICC would be the most expensive transportation project in Maryland’s history, threatening much-needed, smaller projects around the state. At a time when Baltimore residents are seeing cutbacks in bus service and delays on needed rail expansions, millions of dollars from the nearby I-95 tolls would be siphoned off to pay the bloated costs for the ICC. Live near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel? The ICC would need funds from those tolls too. What can you do? Here are three quick actions:


1. Phone: Call your state officials’ office and leave a message opposing the ICC. Find your rep here:

2. E-mail: Write a letter to the editor!   For ideas and contact information for news outlet, see

3. Volunteer with the Sierra Club!       n


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