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Background, satellite image of Washington, DC area. Credit: NASA Goddard

In 2007, the Montgomery County Sierra Club embarked on a mission to identify three key goals for our group and to build three cohesive programs to meet those goals.

How did we identify the goals?

  • We researched what the national Sierra Club and other groups were doing to protect and preserve our natural environment.
  • We asked for your input through the newsletter.
  • We hosted an all-day brainstorming session attended by about 40 members.

The result? A focused and dynamic set of priorities that enable us to be more effective than ever!

Read on, and you will see that our current programs draw from the values of the national Sierra Club, while reflecting local priorities.

Thanks for helping us identify our goals—now help us make them a reality. Find which programs interest you the most, then check out our volunteer opportunities to find out how you can get more involved!

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