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Bull Run Mountains Conservancy, VA

Photos by Michael Juskelis and Dave Harding, 2003/09/06.

Views of Fauquier County, VA from High Point. [Dave Harding]

Lorrie stands by a 115 year old Virginia Pitch Pine dwarfed by a lack of nutrients while Dave takes the above fantastic shots with his high tech digital camera.

The ruins of Beverly Mills. It was first built in the early 1700s and stood intact until an arson's match destroyed it in 1998.

Mike Keifer, the Conservancy manager and our guide, talks about the different forest types as we view this specimen of Chicken of the Woods (an edible fungus).

A wounded ring neck snake refused to leave this waffle iron we found in an old trash heap.

The Chapman (founder of Beverly Mill) grave yard.

The Dawson (a farmer who worked the bottom land) grave yard. Small flat rocks mark the graves of slaves and indentured servants.

Can anyone say Blair Witch?

Suppose we add a live black vulture to the scene?

An active rail line runs through the conservancy. The fields of yellow flowers makes this scene appealing but look both ways before crossing!

Left: Clavulinopsis Fusiformis.                                           Right: Gem Studded Puffball.

Left: Green Quilt Russula.                                                   Right: Leotia Lubrica Jelly Belly.

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  • Hike description and trail map of Bull Run Mountains Conservancy, VA
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