The Sierra Club does not endorse a particular service or product and is not responsible for the services and products offered by the businesses listed in the databases below.

Native Plant Nurseries

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The nurseries in this database propagate native plants from nursery stock or collected seeds. To our knowledge, they do not take plants from the wild.

We encourage that you use plants grown from local seeds. Plants grown from local stock are genetically suited to withstand our local climate and coevolved with local pollinators, seed dispersers, diseases, and pests. Hybridized plants produced by cross pollinating local and non-local species have a decreased ability to withstand our local climate which could affect their usefulness to wildlife.

Landscape Architects

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The landscape architects in this database provide guidance and share their knowledge and experience in the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of native plant gardens that attract birds and butterflies, Bay-friendly sustainable landscaping, rain gardens and other low impact storm water control devices, and wetlands and stream buffers.

Tree Arborists

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The licensed tree care professionals in this database provide expertise in the care and planting of trees in upland forests, flood plains, and urban areas; insect and disease diagnosis and control; and tree inventory and assessment.

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