About Us

Smiling Sierra Club volunteers removing trash from a trail near a lake.

Credit: Sierra Club, flickr.com

The national Sierra Club encourages its members to work on local issues that affect the environment. With more than 5,000 members right here in Montgomery County, the Sierra Club is the largest organized environmental voice on county issues.

We depend on local volunteers like you to achieve our goals. We also can tap into the expertise of Sierra Club staff at the state and national level.

What Makes Us Different?

  1. We believe that elections make a difference.
    • We are the only environmental group that endorses County Council and County Executive candidates. Our Political Committee interviews candidates and studies voting records before making endorsements.
    • We support the election of officials who are committed to energy-efficient building codes, zoning and land use decisions that put new development in areas with strong public transit networks and budgets that provide the funds needed to restore watersheds and natural areas in the county.
  2. We leverage the nationwide network of Sierra Club activists to help us develop effective policies and legislation in Montgomery County.
    • Local officials often want to know what other cities and counties are doing that work—we can tell them. The Sierra Club's campaign to get cities and counties to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is one example of the power of this network.
  3. We offer several ways to get involved.
    • Learn! Come to one of our speaker's events to learn more about creating sustainable landscaping, controlling storm water runoff, reducing your energy bills, and promoting alternatives to car-dependent development.
    • Get outdoors! Spend a few hours under the guidance of a "Certified Weed Warrior" pulling invasive plants and restoring Montgomery County's native habitat.
    • Take a hike! Discover the wonderful natural areas in and around Montgomery County.
    • Make a difference! Have a look at our volunteer opportunities.

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