Conservation Issues in Howard County

The Conservation Committee studies environmental issues in Howard County and considers actions and recommendations to address them. 

Preserve Patapsco Valley State Park

A private group is proposing to manage tourist development in a Heritage Area that would include more than 5000 acres of the Patapsco Valley State Park. Their proposal is being submitted to Howard County and Baltimore County, but not to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), which has jurisdiction over the Patapsco Valley State Park. There is no current State Management Plan for the Patapsco Valley State Park. Until the DNR writes an up-to-date Management Plan, using current environmental surveys of the Park and involving the citizens, specialists, and other stakeholders in a public process, the Heritage Area should not include the State Park in its boundaries. 

Dayton Rural Preservation Society

On June 2 the Dayton Rural Preservation Society succeeded in its efforts to change the zoning regulations that allowed industrial mulching/composting on land in agricultural preservation. The Sierra Club supported their position. See our testimony delivered at the Howard County Council Public Hearing on May 19, 2014. 

Other issues we're investigating:

  • the Howard County government plans to purchase "renewable" energy credits from the Curtis Bay trash incinerator 
  • environmental impacts of gas station siting and repurposing

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