Volunteer in Greater Baltimore

We offer many opportunities to preserve and enjoy the environment. These opportunities include projects designed to curb pollution and preserve forests, wetlands, wildlife and waterways. Of equal importance are opportunities to organize and lead hikes and other outings. Following are the folks to contact to learn more and plug in.


Outings Leaders Needed -- No Experience Required, Training Provided

The Outings leaders within our group are always looking for new people to join them as leaders. If you love the outdoors and want to help others learn to appreciate it and enjoy it the way that you do, then contact Jack Wise at Hikingjack[@]hotmail.com or 410-256-3963.

The Greater Baltimore Group urgently needs members interested in acting as leaders for hikes, tubing trips, ski trips, backpacking weekends, and other outings. We will conduct an evening workshop to show you how to lead an outing safely. We will also pay for first aid training. So if you have ever had a desire to lead a hike, then please contact Outings Committee Chair Jack Wise at Hikingjack[@]hotmail.com or at 410-256-3963. 

Baltimore Inner City Outings (BICO) 
BICO needs Outings leaders, too. Activities include nature hikes, camping, canoeing, caving, initiative and confidence coursework, orienteering, cycling, community service for Baltimore’s Recreation & Parks Dept. BICO welcomes new volunteers. For more information, please visit http://www.sierraclub.org/ico/baltimore.

At Home 

The most important contribution each of us can make is to look for opportunities at home and at work to enhance environmental quality. For the most part this involves changing how and what we consume. Obvious examples include: driving less to reduce auto exhaust emissions, purchasing products made with recycled materials, or converting lawn to other landscape types which need less water, fertilizer, pesticides, and air-polluting mowing. To learn more visit http://www.dnr.state.md.us/bay/protect/intro.html

Campaign Work 
Want to get involved in the political scene and make decisions about who in the Greater Baltimore area (Baltimore County, Harford County and Baltimore City) deserves to be endorsed by the group at election time? Or do you want to volunteer some time to work in campaigns? Please contact us if you do.

Population Stabilization 
Are you concerned about how the Earth's population is affecting its environment and what impact we have on our natural resources? We have a group within the Greater Baltimore Sierra Club which works and lobbies on such issues. If you would like to get involved, please contact Cliff Terry at ckterry[@]BCPL.NET or 410-944-9477.

One-Minute Advocacy 
Each year thousands of bills are considered by elected officials in Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Harford County. Our state and federal representatives must vote on thousands more. Many of these measures go from proposal to law with little citizen input. And if an elected official hears from more than a half-dozen people on a particular bill, then that's thought to reflect widespread public concern. So your letter, phone call, or email can have a big impact. And we're always looking for more Sierra Club members who will allow us to send them a message or give them a call when a critical piece of environmental legislation is up for a vote. Here's how it works. We send you a brief summary of the issue, which takes about a minute to read. Accompanying the summary is a clear, concise description of how to contact the officials who will be deciding on the issue and suggestions about what to say. We also explain how you can obtain additional information on the issue and how to take a more active role, which can include helping us to make future decisions on the issue. To become a One-Minute Advocate, contact us.

Action Teams 
If you would like to save a particular forest, wetland, or waterway or win a change with more sweeping effects, then consider joining a Greater Baltimore Group Action Team. Each team consists of several to a dozen Sierra Club members who focus on a specific action, such as the adoption of a new law or improving the effectiveness of an existing environmental protection program. In the past, Greater Baltimore Group Action Teams stopped logging in unusually sensitive portions of the Gunpowder River watershed, helped win passage of the Maryland Forest Conservation Act, and helped save 200 acres of forest that was once proposed for development but is now part of Oregon Ridge Park. To learn more about current Action Teams or to get one going on an issue of concern to you, then send a message to actionteams[@]sierraclub.org.