Politics and Elections

The 2014 election has passed.  See how Sierra Club Maryland's endorsed candidates performed in the election!


Overview of the Sierra Club Political Program

In the next four years, Maryland State Officials will determine the success of our Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan, implement multi-million dollar smart growth plans, decide how to spent multi-million dollar transportation budget, re-authorize the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act, and so much more.  And that's just at the state level.  The point is, elections matter.  And we need your help to elect strong environmental leaders.

If you have ever worked on an issue that has come before the State Legislature or your County Council then you know that who is in office matters. Without elected officials who are willing to support us in protecting the environment, we are doomed to lose. That’s why the Sierra Club’s political program is so important. We help to elect people who will be environmental champions!

Our Endorsement Process

The Sierra Club Maryland Chapter is one of three environmental organizations that make endorsements in Maryland statewide and legislative races (Governor, Attorney General and all the delegates and senators in the Maryland General Assembly).  MD League of Conservation Voters and Clean Water Action are our collaborators on putting together a candidate questionnaire and participating in the interviews.

Our Chapter is the only environmental organization that endorses in Maryland’s local elections (County Executive, County Councilmembers). Questionnaire development and interviews of local candidates are performed by our Groups (Anne Arundel, Catoctin, Greater Baltimore, Howard County, Southern MD, Montogmery, Prince George's and Western MD).

Every candidate is asked to fill out a questionnaire and be interviewed. Endorsement recommendations have to be voted on by two levels of the Chapter (the Group Executive Committee and Chapter Executive Committee). It is a very thorough process. 

Once our endorsement process is complete we select campaigns where we think we can make a difference. We need lots of volunteers for this part of the process. If you would like to find out how you can help, please contact Betsy Johnson, Political Committee Chair, at 240-461-1402, or at betsy_johnson[@]comcast.net.

About the Political Committee

Want to save the environment? Enjoy politics? Do you want to help on political campaigns? If yes, then the Political Committee is the place for you!

The Political Committee of the Maryland Chapter decides which candidates to endorse in local, state, and national elections, and supports and works on political campaigns in an effort to influence the outcome. The Committee distributes information and signage, and participates in a number of outreach activities such as door-knocking, calling and contacting members to write letters to the editor, to attend events, to register to vote, etc.

The Political Committee is composed of volunteers who are joined in their efforts to elect candidates to office who will protect the environment. The Committee produces scorecards for candidates holding office, creates green voter guides, and distributes and evaluates candidate questionnaires to determine which candidate to endorse.

The Committee also organizes candidate forums and other such outreach efforts to support candidates, including creating and distributing campaign materials.

If you would like to find out about how you can help, please contact Betsy Johnson, Political Committee Chair, at 301-656-4948, or at betsy_johnson[@]comcast.net.