The People's Climate March

Sign up for a bus to join the People's Climate March on September 21st in NYC!

We are at a tipping point in the fight to halt climate change.

Clean energy is becoming cheaper than dirty fuels, but policymakers in the US and around the world continue to keep us chained to coal, fracking, dirty oil and nuclear power. We need to inspire with real solutions to reduce climate pollution.

That’s why a broad coalition of over 100 (and counting) different organizations are coming together on September 21st in New York before the UN Climate Summit with the goal of having 250,000 people marching together to show both solidarity and to reignite the environmental movement at a critical time.

This is the People’s Climate March.

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What: Maryland Goes to the People's Climate March

When: Sunday, September 21st 6:00am - 10:00pm

Where: Buses from all over MD are going to New York City. Click a link below for more details.

Cost: Each bus ticket costs less than $25 including tips and fees.

More Information:

Questions? Contact Candice Frederick at

The theme of the UN Climate Summit is "Catalyzing Action," and that's exactly what we mean to do. If you never went to another march, this is the one to go to now. We're going to make history in NY, and we’re asking you to be there with us.

Our goal is to get 25,000 people to represent the Sierra Club at the People’s Climate March, making it the largest-ever Sierra Club gathering in our 125-year history. We have a whole city block reserved for us in NYC!

  • The Maryland Sierra Club is organizing buses from all over MD that anyone can join. Follow the links below for more details on each bus and to buy your ticket today:

  • Important details:

    • Meal stops are not on the itinerary for any bus, so please bring your own lunch, dinner, snacks, and water.
    • Buses have storage space for wheelchairs, but no wheelchair lift.
  • More details on dropoff and pickup in NYC and the march route:

    • Passengers will be dropped off at 86th Street between Central Park West and Columbus Ave. You’ll be met by bus greeters when you arrive. They’ll give you important info about the march and where to go. PLEASE DON’T DISEMBARK UNTIL A BUS GREETER HAS COME TO SEE YOU.

    • The MD Contingent will join the march in blocks between 82nd St North Side of the intersection to 86th St South Side of the intersection. Some people may wish to join the march at a different section ( This is not a problem provided that bus riders return to their bus by 5:30pm.
    • After buses drop off the passengers, they’ll drive to your allotted parking block which will be south and west of 11th ave. and 34th st. Your bus captain will tell you exactly where on the bus. This is where you’ll meet your bus at the end of the march for departure at 5:30pm SHARP.

    • The march will line up between 86th and 59th on Central Park West, just north of Columbus Circle. This may seem like a bunch of blocks to walk to get to the start of the march but, b/c there’ll be so many people and activities going on, we need this whole space to convene. Trust us, it’s going to be fun!

    • The march will end around 3:30pm with a great celebration. MD buses will leave by 5:30pm and will not wait.
    • Find the most updated information about the day of the march here:

    • There will be porto-potties and water stations along the march route.

    • Public transit, taxis, and the subway in NYC will be very slow, so please plan accordingly.


Note: This post and the individual bus pages will be updated as more information about the march and buses become available (including details on dropoff and pickup in NYC).  Please check back often!