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Nominees for Executive Committee

Brown, Richelle
I became involved in the Sierra Club after going on an outing to Cove Point last fall. Since then, I have been named the chapter's first natural gas committee chair and have worked to create a campaign that addresses hydraulic fracturing, energy infrastructure, and natural gas exports. I served as the community outreach committee chair for the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy in northern Virginia from 2009 to 2010 and hope to put that experience to use in recruiting new members to the group and chapter. I received my Master of Library Science degree from the University of Maryland at College Park last year and enjoy learning with people and helping them ask questions and find answers. I live in Anne Arundel County and very much want to become involved in local issues

Hoffmaster, Jan
As a member of the Sierra Club I welcome the opportunity to be considered for a continued position on the Executive Committee of the Anne Arundel Group. I have been a Sierra Club member since 1984 because of my personal enjoyment of the outdoors and the need to protect our environment. I presently serve as the Chair of the Outings Committees for both the Anne Arundel Group and the Maryland Chapter of the Sierra Club. Anne Arundel County’s unique geographical location affords our Group the opportunity to further the mission of the Sierra Club to “explore, enjoy and protect the planet."

Milgram, Gene
Sierra Club member since 1972, past treasurer of Hudson Mohawk Group (Albany, NY), and treasurer of our Group for last ten years. Retired city planner (did NOT work for this County or Annapolis), with a Master of City Planning degree from MIT and BA in Economics from Antioch College. When I was at the Chapter's October weekend Jamboree, many of my primary interests were discussed, including land use, energy, water/sewage, and transportation. My bias in these things is towards safety and prevention/mitigation, as my career also involved fire protection and emergency management. Regarding the role as treasurer: Financial management in the Sierra Club, which has both 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 entities, is an evolving topic, becoming more complex over the years at all levels (group, chapter, and national). I take pride in trying to keep our Group on a sound financial basis for our social/environmental goals.

Prosten, David
I have been a Sierra Club member since the early 1980s and active in the Anne Arundel Group since 1998. I have served on the executive committee in a variety of positions over the years, most recently as chair. I want to continue working with the group in our efforts to control development -- specifically the Crystal Spring mega-development on Forest Drive in Annapolis -- bring our waterways back to full health and encourage all citizens to get more involved with enjoying and protecting the outdoors. I want to increase membership involvement, recruit new leadership and strengthen our ability to influence government's environmental decision-making.

Vanden Heuvel, Liz
I have been a member of the Sierra Club since around 1982 when James Watts, the absolutely awful Director of the Interior Department, inspired me to join. It was also around the time that the Anne Arundel Group was formed. Over these many years, I have been Chair of the Anne Arundel Group, an outings leader, and am still a member of the Executive Committee. I would like to stay on the Executive Committee for a while longer. I am particularly concerned about the development proposals which would destroy some of the last remaining forest in the area. Crystal Spring is clearly a development that should never have come about. Since it is likely to happen, we must find a way to minimize its impact. There are likely to be more such proposals. The whole process used by the City to annex land needs examination. Another concern I have is to see more diversity in our Group. How to accomplish this is something I need help with.