Weather Alert,   Tuesday, February 26th - The Maryland Sierra Club Office College Park Office will open two hours late, starting at 11:00.  Interns and volunteers should contact their supervisors.

Sierra Club's Lobby Night is Monday March 2nd, and we need volunteers from across the state to join this critical event.  There couldn't be a  more important time to be involved, we are literally fighting to defend all of our progress from the last 8 years.  And we need your help.  

In his first month in office, Governor Larry Hogan hasn't wasted any time.  He's threatened to open Maryland to fracking, blocked critical health-protections for Maryland's coal-fired power plants, attacked funding to reduce polluted runoff into the Chesapeake Bay, withdrawn rules to manage chicken manure dumping on the Eastern Shore. 


We'll have everything you need, talking points, an overview of the bills and advice on how to lobby.  Whether you've done this 100 times or you're new, come on out, have some fun, and help us make a difference this year in Annapolis!

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We're ready to turn up the heat on Governor Hogan to ensure his administration implements long-awaited health protections from Maryland's dirty coal plants in time for the 2015 asthma season.

Clean air is a human right, and it’s up to you, me, and our elected officials to ensure that right is upheld.

Currently, 40% of our state’s energy comes from dirty, polluting coal that contributes to Maryland having the worst smog pollution on the East Coast, and increasing generation from fracked gas is not a healthy solution.

That’s why the Maryland Sierra Club and a coalition of allies are working to pass the Maryland Clean Energy Advancement Act, which would set a goal for 40% of our energy to come from clean, renewable sources instead by 2025.

And we need your help to fight for clean energy.

Join hundreds of Marylanders for the biggest Clean Energy Lobby Night and Rally of the year in Annapolis on February 23rd.

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Bad news from Governor Hogan already.
As one of his first acts in office, Governor Hogan is threatening to condemn Maryland families to more dirty air, by holding up protections against coal-fired power plant pollution.
The Maryland Sierra Club and prominent public health advocates have been working with the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) for well over a year on safeguards that would protect Marylanders from harmful smog pollution, which is responsible for a host of adverse health effects, including triggering asthma attacks, especially in vulnerable populations such as children. Smog is formed when nitrogen oxides emitted from burning coal and other sources react with other pollutants to form ground-level ozone. While some of the state’s coal units have modern technology to reduce these harmful emissions, most fail to use it consistently. Other units don’t have modern pollution-cutting technology at all. This puts our air and our health at risk.


On his first day of office, Governor Larry Hogan delayed several important environmental regulations that were poised to go into effect.  Earlier today Sierra Club released this statement.  More info to come.

TAKE ACTION NOW! Send a message to Governor Hogan:

Sierra Club Comes Out Against Hogan, NRG For Yanking Clean Air Protections
First Day in Office, New Gov. Eliminates Public Health Safeguards

Contact:  Adam Beitman, Sierra Club, 202-670-5585 or
Thursday, January 22, 2014

BALTIMORE, MD – Last week, after more than fifteen months of intensive engagement with industry and the public health community, Maryland's Department of the Environment finalized new protections against air pollution from the state’s coal-fired power plants. These safeguards would protect Marylanders from harmful smog pollution, which is responsible for a host of adverse health effects, including triggering asthma attacks, especially in vulnerable populations such as children.

Last night, the Baltimore Sun reported that the Governor’s first move in office was to take the controversial action of yanking those protections at the printing press. This action was taken after the regulations were signed and finalized by Secretary of the Environment.

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